Soul space – weekly prayer

Welcome to Soul Space, where prayers to sustain you throughout the working week are posted by members of the parish.

May God be alongside you in your work.
Soul Space E-mail 480 W/B 19th February 2018

Intercessions for Work

Let us recall our recent visit to Douai Abbey and the feeling of peace and calm that we experienced. Dear Lord, help us to bring these gifts to our daily work so that we can be more effective to the benefit of others in Your Holy Name. Amen

Pause for thought

During Lent, these weeks of prayer and reflection are an opportunity to allow the Spirit to work within us, bringing new life, breaking up the hard places and letting fresh growth appear. There is no part of our lives that is beyond the Spirit’s touch, however dormant or even dead it may seem. Fr Mark Young, Associate Vicar, St Andrew, Holborn (with permission)

Prayer for the Day

Dear Lord, May our journey this season
Be one where the warm breath of the Spirit heals
And brings to flower growth that transforms
And enables us to rejoice and in turn
Bring Joy to others
To the Glory of your Name. Amen Fr Mark Young (with permission)