First communion

In 2006 the Church of England allowed baptised children to take Holy Communion before they have been confirmed. Having gained the necessary approval from our Bishop Wanstead adopted this practice straight away because we want children to participate in the meal that lies at the heart of our main weekly act of worship.

Preparing for First Communion

For children to fully participate they need to understand why Holy Communion is so significant in our worship. This takes careful preparation and we run courses consisting of approximately ten weekly sessions which they must attend. Children are normally in year 3 when they do this and the courses usually start in February leading to a celebratory service to welcome them to their first communion at the end of June or early July. There will be leaflets in each church about the year’s classes explaining how parents may apply for their children to take part from the preceding January onwards.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the admission of children to Holy Communion, please talk to one of the clergy or to a churchwarden; You can also click on this link to Chelmsford Diocese’s website