Improving the soil of the church

The Church of England have recently distributed two reports for perusal by the wider church community.

These are two of the most important reports produced by the Church in recent years and will inform our discussions in the July PCC meeting and beyond.

Father Jack would like to invite our parish, as a whole, from this weekend onwards, to read and pray about these two vitally important reports, the principal subjects of which are: how do churches grow; and how can churches best minister to children and young people?

From Anecdote to Evidence (2014) investigates the factors influencing church growth.

Rooted in the Church (2016) examines what keeps young people rooted in their faith and church lives. Commissioned by the Church of England Education Office, it is also accompanied by this video on YouTube, produced by the CoE Youth Council.

Hard copies of both of these reports will be available in our churches this weekend for parishioners preferring paper versions.